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Keeping your solar panels clean is essential for the effective and smooth running of your system. Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros can help you achieve maximum efficiency out of your solar power system by keeping it regularly clean.

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We are a local small business, cleaning solar panels, roofs, external walls, driveways, gutters and more in Geelong and Greater Geelong. 

Why should solar cells be regularly cleaned?

Our team of solar panel cleaning specialists are here to help.

Solar panels are often invisible. They are high up and hidden from view.

Tiled Roof With Solar Panels

However, they are exposed to the elements, just like any other outdoor thing. Over time, dirt, dust or animal droppings can build up and cause damage to your solar panels.

Direct sunlight exposure is necessary for solar panels to produce electricity. The sunlight can be blocked by layers of dirt, grime and leaves. Professional solar panel washing is crucial for maximising sunlight exposure.

Every manufacturer and installer recommend that you wash your solar panels regularly.

Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros also offers roof washing and gutter cleaning.

Dirty panels can cause you to lose money because they might not produce the energy you require for your home. You may also lose money if your panels are part of a buyback program.

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Solar Panel Cleaning And Wiping

Can I DIY my solar panels cleaning?

You could… but is it worthwhile? Solar system cleaning can lead to injury and property damage. It’s strongly recommended that you only hire professionals with the proper training, insurance, and all safety equipment do this job.

Additionally, we have more than 10 years of experience in every aspect of exterior house washing, including gutter cleaning and roof cleaning.

We service Geelong and all Greater Geelong areas.

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How often should solar panels be washed?

The usual recommendation is to have your solar panels cleaned every six months.

The time frame for solar panels can vary slightly depending on whether they are under trees or exposed wildlife activity from birds, bats and possums.

Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros has been a top choice because of our outstanding work in Greater Geelong over the past ten years.

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Signs that Your Solar Panels are ready to be Cleaned

Some possible signs that your solar panels may be due for a clean include:

  • Power bills have unexpectedly increased
  • Wild Animals activity on the roof
  • Extreme weather elements (dust storms)
  • A warning light is up on the system’s inverter
Solar Panel Cleaning Can Lead To Saving
Heavy Rainfall

Can the Rain Wash my System?

Yes and no

Think about your car. Heavy rain will likely give your car a good wash if it is covered in dirt, bird poop and other debris.

Will the rain deeply clean your car? Probably not. Definitely not with a high level of attention to detail.

A layer of dust can remain on the surface even after it dries. A good rain will aid in between professional solar cleaning. However, it is recommended that you do a deep clean every six months.

In short, will the rain deeply clean your car? Probably not. Definitely not with attention to detail. Same with solar panels! A good hose is important, but it’s no deep-clean!

Other Pressure washing services we offer in Geelong and surrounding areas include:

Our services include pressure cleaning concrete playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, polished concrete flooring, and many other areas. There are good chances that we can pressure clean any surface that can take water.

Don’t be afraid to call us and ask questions.

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Why Choose Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros for Solar Panel Washing in Geelong?


Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros is an experienced pressure cleaning company that has served homeowners in Geelong and Greater Geelong for more than ten years. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to handle even the most difficult jobs. We are able to offer more efficient, reliable and faster service using the most up-to-date equipment.

Best Results

We can restore wood decks to their former glory using high-quality equipment. You can quickly and efficiently remove mustiness and mildew by using pressure cleaning techniques that are tailored to your timber type and severity.

Competitive Pricing

Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros is well-known for providing great value for money.

We understand that the price of a pressure cleaning service is important. Therefore, we have worked hard at creating a service that is affordable without sacrificing quality.

Pressure cleaning can often restore timber decks and other areas without needing to undertake expensive renovations and painting.

Pressure cleaning is affordable, so it makes sense.

Professional Services vs DIY Pressure Washing

We understand that it is tempting to do-it-yourself. But…

While it’s possible to clean a deck without professional help, it is unlikely that you can deeply clean it from stains and dirt that have built up over several months.

Amateur pressure cleaning can be done without the use of equipment. However, it will take more time and result in poorer results.

Safety Equipment

Eco-Friendly Products

We use no chemicals that can pose a danger to your family or the natural environment. Our products won’t harm your wood decking, or the environment. We can offer effective relief to sufferers of asthma and dermatitis.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We realize that your timber deck will be an asset to your property and home. So we do our best to ensure your safety.

To guarantee that you receive excellent results and professional service, only licensed and fully insured professionals are employed by us. We are happy to provide documentation that proves we are fully licensed.

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Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros is a proud local small business that provides pressure washing services all over Greater Geelong areas, including: