Roof Pressure Cleaning Service in Geelong

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Roof Pressure Cleaning Service Available In Geelong

Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros guarantees to make you happy with the results!

Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros is a top-rated roof cleaning company in Greater Geelong that will transform your home.

Our team of highly skilled cleaners uses the latest techniques and equipment for roof cleaning, leaving it clean and free from dirt, moss, and lichen.

Your home will be cleaner and more appealing. You’ll also have better insulation and a longer lifespan for your roof.

We can clean all types of roofs, including colorbond, tiled, and terracotta. We can also wash skylights, solar panels, and gutters.

Why not give us a call? Or keep reading to learn how we can do a remarkable job on your house or any property in Geelong, And Greater Geelong.

Why Roof Cleaning Is So Important for Your Geelong home

Your roof should be kept clean, regardless of whether you have a home or other property in Geelong. Proper roof maintenance will protect your home from various elements. 

Hervey Bay house roof pressure cleaning before vs after

Roof Cleaning Increases the Curb Appeal of Your Home

The roof is the focal point of your home’s exterior. A well-maintained roof will improve its value and appeal.

Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros is a professional cleaning service that will give you great results for a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

It is worth noting that our professionals can also take out any fungus and algae from beneath your roof tiles. This can help you save on future repair costs.

Roof Cleaning Can Increase Your Insulation

Regular roof cleaning is vital in keeping your home’s air clean.

Roof cleaning will enable air to flow freely through all spaces on your roof. This is important for maintaining your home’s temperature during summer and winter.

Dirty roofs make your home more susceptible to fires due to dried debris piling up which are flammable.

Roof Cleaning Can Save You Money on Your Energy Consumption

Your roof provides a great deal of insulation for your home. Your home’s insulation won’t be very effective if there’s dirt buildup on the roof tiles. Clean roofing ensures that your insulation will be efficient, which will help you keep your heating and cooling costs low.

It Prevents Your Roof From Getting Damaged

Even though algae and moss are beneficial to plants and trees, they can also grow on your roof, which can lead to serious damage. Both moss and algae can grow on your roof in layers, which is why it is so necessary to have your roof cleaned frequently.

You should also keep moss off your roof to reduce the amount of weight that builds up over time. Your roof is more likely to survive a storm that way.

It Prolongs the Life of Your Roof

Dirty gutters are a common way dirt can get into your home, causing water damage. Filth can also get into your home through cracks in the roof tiles.

Roof tiles will begin to deteriorate as they are exposed to rain, dirt, and wind.

You can extend the lifespan of your roof as well as protect your home from leaks by maintaining it properly.

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Roof pressure cleaning

Pressurised Roof Cleaning or Soft Wash

You have two options in cleaning your roof: pressure washing or soft washing. Both methods are effective, but which one is better?

It depends on your choice. Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros can do both.

Although pressure washing utilises high pressure in removing grime, moss, algae, and dirt from roofs, it is not as effective at getting rid of other types. Although exterior cleaning contractors might tell you otherwise, roof cleaning with high pressure often does not reach deep enough.

This is because high pressure cleaning can only eliminate surface growth. Dirt that has accumulated over time will remain beneath the surface and will continue to pile up. You should also be aware that brute force can cause cracks in the tiles and water damage to your roof.

Soft washing, by contrast, uses chemicals like detergents or bleach at low pressure to break up dirt and gunk. This process makes it easier to eliminate them. Soft washing is also advisable if you have windows with skylights and solar panels.

Soft washing is often the method that professionals use to clean roofs because it targets and safely removes dirt and grime. Also, soft washing will not cause any damage to your roof tiles.

With the use of high pressure when washing, it can spread dirt and grime, which can lead to streaking. That being the case, soft washing is more beneficial for your home as it protects your home from any potential damage.

Pressure roofing cleaning is still an option nonetheless. Our highly qualified team will still evaluate whether pressure washing or soft cleaning is required for your roof.

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Our Process to Roof Cleaning Geelong

Because we are a local Geelong roof cleaning company, we are accustomed to the Greater Geelong’s stifling climate. These conditions make it a great place for mould and algae to thrive on your roof.

Common roof materials for Geelong’s houses include colorbond steel metal roofs and clay tile terracotta roof tiles.

Every roof type is different and requires a different cleaning approach. Our team can clean any roofing material efficiently.

Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta roof tiles have become very popular in Vic, Australia and elsewhere because they reflect heat. Regardless, terracotta tile roofs are also susceptible to rain.

To clean terracotta tile roofs, we use chemical cleaners to break down the dirt and allow it to be washed away easier. Subsequently, you can wash away the dirt with water to avoid causing damage to your roof tiles.

If you have trees around your home, it is important to have your roof tiles cleaned by professionals at least once per year.

Aluminum Roof Pressure Cleaning Before Vs After
Metal Roof – before and after cleaning

Colorbond Steel Roof

Metal roofs, such as colorbond roofing steel, are another popular choice. Colorbond roofs are very durable and extremely long-lasting. However, they are susceptible to algae and mould growth.

dirty roof tiles pressure washed in Burrum Heads

Colorbond roof cleaning is usually easier than terracotta tiles. For cleaning colorbond roofs, we use a surface cleanser using the lowest pressure.

This treatment will remove all dirt and contaminants as well as inhibit lichen growth by killing their spores. They are expected to grow back in 12 month if they are not treated, so it means you’ll be back to square 1.

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We are an Eco-friendly House Cleaning Company

Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros utilises an eco-friendly approach to pressure washing, by minimising the use of harmful chemicals. The Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros team follows all industry-specific health and safety standards.

Guidelines to make sure your roof and walls cleaning is safe, effective include:

Our pressure washing solution is environment-friendly. It allows us to clean all exterior surfaces, without causing any damage, while also ensuring that the environment is kept clean.

No runoff is left behind. Biodegradable cleaning is also used by our professionals. Solutions that are safe and non-toxic for pets or plants. We care about

Our solutions are safe for both you and the environment.

We minimise the use of bleach and only apply it when the benefits outweigh the risks. Nevertheless, as a powerful disinfectant, there are occasions when it is useful. Under these circumstances, we are very careful to stick to minimum necessary quantities.

Our Roof Cleaning Services in Geelong

Is your roof clean and clear? Is your roof clean?

These tiny intruders can spread to your roof and cause damage that will last a lifetime.

Regular maintenance.

Regularly cleaning the roof on your house in Geelong is a great way to extend the life of the roof and save thousands.

Get our roof cleaning services in your area, which include:

Gutter Cleaning

It is essential to keep your gutters clean when maintaining your roof. The gutters can be blocked by leaves or other heavy organic materials, which will prevent the guttering system’s ability to drain water away from the home.

If your gutters are clogged, water can seep onto your roof and cause water damage.

Gutter cleaning is vital for any house in your area. Our soft-wash roof cleaning service is able to handle all your gutters needs.

before vs after roof washing Pialba house for annual home exterior washing

Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning professionals are local and have the knowledge and experience to clean any kind of roof, even steel or terracotta.

To clean your roof tiles, we use an eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solution. We rinse all cleaning solutions off your roof with clean water.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate on your solar panels and block the sun’s rays. Furthermore, panels that have this buildup may be less able to generate solar energy.

Our solar panel cleaning services will get rid of dirt, grime and even moss from your solar cells and increase their efficiency by as much as 5%. Our solar panel cleaning service will reduce your electricity costs by being efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Other services that we offer in pressure cleaning include:

Skylight Cleaning

Skylights have become more and more in demand. They are a great way to bring the outside sunshine into your home. However, they can also get dirty. Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros can also clean skylights.

Our Roof Cleaning Process in Geelong

This means we take care of every detail and are thorough and meticulous at all times. If you have us pressure wash your gutters or roof, we will:

  1. To determine the best and most cost-effective pressure cleaning method for cleaning your roof, and to address any concerns that you might have, conduct an inspection at your home.
  2. Send an estimate detailing the cost of the project, cleaning methods, and the time it will take for our team to finish the job.
  3. Pressure washing is possible by clearing away any debris, plants, or decorations from the roof.
  4. Clean your roof using a low-pressure cleaner.
  5. To prevent any chemicals from building up on the roof, rinse the solution off with clean water.
  6. Use a strong cleaning agent to clean gutters that are not easily cleaned with water.
  7. You should clean the affected areas of the roof to remove mould.
  8. Our eco-friendly pressure washing technique will clean your roof of all dirt, grease and residue.
  9. Thoroughly inspect roof tiles and gutters for damage during cleaning.
  10. All roof surfaces should be dried to remove any water that might encourage mould or algae growth.

We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Roof Cleaning Safety Equipment

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Areas We Cover

Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros provides professional pressure washing services all over Greater Geelong, including:

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Why Choose Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros for Roof Cleaning in Greater Geelong?


We are one of the leading pressure cleaning services in Geelong and boast over 10 years of experience and happy customers.

Best Equipment and Safety Measures

We, at Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros, have a vast array of pressure cleaning equipment to handle any cleaning job in Greater Geelong, including:

  • Gutter Cleaning Machines
  • Pressure Washing Machines
  • Commercial/ Industrial Pressure Washers
  • Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Machines

Certified and Fully Insured

Geelong Pressure Cleaning Pros is fully insured and certified. Our staff is fully trained.

Friendly Team and Great Communication Skills

We are a small business and are proud to be part of the Geelong community. Our amicable business is built on our reputation and word-of-mouth referrals.

Competitively Priced

We have been operating as a local Geelong business for many years, which means we have built great relationships with our suppliers. This helps us keep our quotes low to offer our customers high-quality services at competitive prices.

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